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Underwater Fishing Lights

​LEDs + Optical fiber Underwater Fishing Lights

New technology of emitting light by combining LED and optical fiber for underwater fishing lamp.

underwater fishing lights
underwater fishing lights

It is equipped with 5 LEDs (2 fixed, 3 blinking), and 3 blinking LEDs have optical fiber Is equipped. AA battery is used as a power source, and Duracell Original can be used for about 12 hours.

underwater fishing lamp
underwater fishing lamp


LEDs: 2 fixed & 3 blinking + optical fiber

Power source: AA Battery 

Brightness: 70-100 lux (20cm - 7.8 inch)

Size: 4.2cm x 13.5cm (1.65 x 5.3 inch)

Weight: 77g (Including AA battery) 

Additional LEDs (JR430): Three additional blinking LEDs can be added to the space below the interior.

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