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Pin Battery (Pin-Type Lithium Battery)

What is Electronic Chemi ?

It is the one developed to replace fishing chemical light used in existing fishing float for night fishing, and it is eco-friendly product for longtime use without artificial chemical action since it is equipped with ultra-light and pin-type lithium battery having high-voltage and high energy density and ON/OFF available LED. 

BR Type pin battery

It has diameter size of 2~4mm, There are different lengths for each diameter size. So you can choose the size you want. You can replace the battery in the bobber. [Voltage] 3V [Application] for fishing in plain water and in salt water.

- Fishing bobber battery 

- Fishing float battery 

- Lighted LED Nock battery

- Other purposes

R Type LED Built-in pin battery

R Type pin battery, a patented product developed by our company for the first time, is designed for easier use by attaching a LED and adding a function of On/Off.

Currently it is used for fishing purpose and increasingly more diverse purpose in inght hunting arrows, toys, shuttle cocks, and golf pins. 

Easy On/Off function and long luminous power for 6-24hours will set off your products better.

JR Type pin battery with LED Cap

JR Type is designed as a battery replacement type to separate a LED Cap from a battery. Such separation allows recycle of LED Caps and cost reduction. 

Currently there are products: the combination of a fishing float and a pin lithium battery is inserted into the LED cap or attached to a lure or accessory. As a used battery can be replaced by the BR battery, BR batteries can be distributed continuously. 

Excellence of Electronic Chemi

· High energy density (800wh/I)

· Wide range of service temperature (-20°C~70°C)

· Best operating voltage (3V)

· Longest storage life (more than 5 years)

· Best maintaining performance

   (less than 2%/year of self-discharge rate)

· Securing anti-leakage and stability

· Eco-friendly product without containing heavy metal

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