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No.1 Manufacturer of

Pin Battery (Pin-Type Lithium Battery)

   Excellence of the pin battery product

1. Dry Room of JNJ

The Dry Room is a very important factor in the battery manufacturing.

Due to the nature of the lithium battery, the moisture in the raw material of the battery lowers the performance and accelerates electrical discharge. Therefore, JNJ made a major investment in the Dry Room and implemented in the whole process.

2. Sealing of Pin Battery

The second most important factor in the battery is the sealing.

If the sealing is bad, the liquid material inside the battery could leak, which causes product quality problems and also damages the product in use of the battery.


JNJ prevented leakage by use of high-performance sealing rubber and precision contact technology JNJ developed on its own.

3. Precise Dimension

The JNJ battery is excellent in dimensional preciseness.

The battery pin and external dimension are controlled within JNJ tolerance limit.

4. Mass Production Capability & Uniform Quality

JNJ has its own automation equipments and facilities, for production of approximately over 15 millions of unit a year, which are controlled by the skilled workers with more than 10 years of experience

5. Quality Control (Total Inspection)
JNJ Co., Ltd. performs total inspection for all products. 

 1) Incoming inspection (quality inspection on parts or materials)

   : Sampling inspection on parts or raw materials

 2) Process inspection (check of each process)

   : Sampling inspection during assembly of the products

 3) Outgoing inspection (inspection on complete product)

   : Total inspection on voltage(OCV), current and appearance

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