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LEDs + Optical fiber Underwater Fishing Lights

New technology of emitting light by combining LED and optical fiber for underwater fishing lamp.

seawater fishing lights
seawater fishing light

It is equipped with 5 LEDs (2 fixed, 3 blinking), and 3 blinking LEDs have optical fiber Is equipped. AA battery is used as a power source, and Duracell Original can be used for about 12 hours.

underwater fishing light
underwater fishing lights


LEDs: 2 fixed & 3 blinking + optical fiber

Power source: AA Battery 

Brightness: 70-100 lux (20cm - 7.8 inch)

Size: 4.2cm x 13.5cm (1.65 x 5.3 inch)

Weight: 77g (Including AA battery) 


Additional LEDs (JR430): Three additional blinking LEDs can be added to the space below the interior.

Video of new underwater fishing lights

Optical fiber underwater fishing lights

It is different from the conventional mini-fish luring lamp to increase the light emitting area and spread of light in the water to improve the fishing ability.

Information of Optical fiber underwater fishing lights

Basic Type : Red, Green, Yellow

Flicker Type : Red, Green, red & green

Residual buoyancy zero : Based on BR435

Battery : Using BR435, BR425

Video of Optical fiber underwater fishing lights
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