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Pin Battery (Pin-Type Lithium Battery)

Electric Chemi

BR-Type Pin Lithium Battery 

There are many kinds of pin-type lithium batteries having different thickness and length and they are used for the power of many kinds of fishing floats equipped with LED depending on users' needs.

BR Type pin battery

BR Type Pin battery is made in various sizes. In particular, the BR210, BR309 and BR311, which are 2mm in diameter, are used for fishing in fresh water, which is very sensitive to weight, because it is a miniature battery made by elaborate work. Or in a variety of applications where a compact battery is required.

The BR316, BR322, BR425, and BR435 pin batteries are widely used for freshwater fishing and sea fishing, and the BR425 / BR435 pin lithium battery is the most commonly used model.

It is used as power source of small PCB, and is used in various fields such as Fishing float, LED Nock as well as toy.

Major Usages

BR type lithium battery is used mainly for fishing float that uses pin-type 3V battery sold in the market. Pin-type battery which is light and safe with long life cycle is used for fishing, exercise, toy, accessories, etc. and it will be used for more various products in the future.

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