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No.1 Manufacturer of

Pin Battery (Pin-Type Lithium Battery)

We are the manufacturer of Pin type lithium batteries for fishing bobbers (fishing float) or lighted nock etc.. The lithium battery has highly dense energy. We have professional in the battery industry and hold several patents from our long experience and advanced technology. We own super low-humid Dry Room and automated facility for mass production. We are leading the industry.

Our products are recognized in international market as well as in Korea. We export our products to USA, Japan, and countries in Europe. We also manufacture badminton shuttlecocks and arrowheads for use at night. We will continue to develop new products which take advantage of super lightweight batteries. We promise our products will bring satisfaction to you.

· Developed and commercialized lithium batteries for bobbers for the first in Korea

· Holds professionals in battery industry with more than 25 years experience

· The only company in Korea which owns the Dry Room and automated manufacturing facility

· Holds patents for lithium battery

· Holds Registration of New Practical Design for badminton shuttlecocks (for use at night)

· Reliable product quality control and delivery

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