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No.1 Manufacturer of

Pin Battery (Pin-Type Lithium Battery)

JNJ Co., Ltd. is the company which produces various pin lithium batteries and it leads world market in this field.


Pin lithium battery is high-density small battery (3*27mm (0.38g) / 4*35mm (0.77g)) produced using CFx+ Lithium, and it is used for fishing product which is sensitive in weight and stability, LED Nock, Toy, various accessories, etc..


Our products have been used already for many kinds of fishing floats and sold largely in Korea, Japan and China, and LED Nock has been supplied to related major companies as main component.

Major Projects

· Manufactures lithium batteries for fishing bobbers

   (for plain water/salt water: 22 types)

· Manufactures lithium batteries with built-in LED light

   for bobbers (Other purpose : LED Arrow Nock (Lighted       nock), Lure, Compass(Non-magnetism battery) etc.)

· Manufactures lithium batteries with built-in re-usable

   LED light for fishing bobbers (fishing float)

· Manufactures badminton shuttlecocks

· Other products



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