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Pin Battery (Pin-Type Lithium Battery)

Application Idea of pin lithium battery

Battery of JNJ or the LED equipped with JNJ battery is used and developed for various products in addition to fishing. 
Commercialization Examples and Development Available Products
1) Compass (Non-magnetic battery)

  - Use of BR type for source of supply of LED energy

  - R type or JR type can be used for checking compass at night.


2) Toy light

  - Small toy car, energy source for toy light, boomerang

3) Accessory

  - Piercing, hair accessory, accessory for children

4) Outdoor product

  - Use for hiking bag or stick

  - LED light for the safety of scuba equipment

5) Golf tee

  - When you hit the ball keeping your eyes on the light, your posture can           be maintained correctly. 

6) The product that requires 3V energy

Other pin type battery
New developments

1) Emergency Light

    You can use it as an emergency light by putting it in your wallet or house like

    a match. Also, by turning it on one by one, you can easily find the road in

    dark conditions, which can be useful in a fire or power outage situation.

2) LED Lighted Flower

    This product is designed to light artificial flowers using BR435 and touch

    sensor. The touch sensor light comes on when you touch it, and it is turned

    off when you touch it again.

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