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Pin Battery (Pin-Type Lithium Battery)

Pin-Type Lithium Battery

JNJ is the company which is specialized in producing pin type lithium battery with high-voltage and high energy density for fishing float (fishing bobber) or lighted nock. 

Introduction of

Pin-Type Lithium Battery Product (Electronic Chemi)

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This uses super-light lithium battery which has highly dense energy.

It has long life and you can turn it on or off. It is echo-friendly and

will replace chemical float which emits light from chemical reaction.

Pin-Type Lithium Battery (BR Type)

R Type Pin Battery, a patented product developed by our company for the first time, is designed for easier use by attaching a LED and adding a function of On/Off. Currently it is used for fishing purpose and increasingly more diverse purpose in night hunting arrows, toys, shuttle cocks, and golf pins.


Easy ON/OFF function and long luminous power for 6~24 hours will set off your products better.

LED built-in Pin-Type Lithium Battery (R Type)

JR Type is designed as a battery replacement type to separate a LED Cap from a battery. Such separation allows recycle of LED Caps and cost reduction.


Currently there are products: the combination of a fishing float and a battery is inserted into the LED cap or attached to a lure or accessory.


As a used battery can be replaced by the BR battery, BR batteries can be distributed continuously.

LED Cap & Pin-Type Lithium Battery (JR Type)

LED underwater fishing lights

LED underwater fishing lights with new technology of emitting light by combining LED and optical fiber

It is different from the conventional mini-fishing lights to increase the light emitting area and spread of light in the water to improve the fishing ability.

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